The Mining, Geological & Metallurgical Institute of India
The Oldest Institute of Its Kind in Asia
Terms & Conditions for Members
There are following classes of members:

  • Corporate Members
  • Patron Members
  • Donor Members
  • Subscribers

Apart from Members there are following classes of associates:

  • Associates
  • Student Associates
  • Members
  • Life Members

There are around 2500 members, covering 18 branches which are all over the country.

Awards :

  • PRESENTS Awards to Successful Performers in Industries; Best students in earth Science; Most active 'Branches' of the Institute - every Year.
  • Membership graph show a steady rise from 354 in 1925 to around 2500 in 2007.

Head Office
GN-38/4, SECTOR-V,

IT Associate : COMPUTER Ed. Ranchi